Privacy Policy.

You are important to us.

This site is entirely owned by Pulsar Communications Limited.

We take your privacy and its protection extremely seriously and assure you that every appropriate security step is taken. Our server recognises only your IP address, browser type, browser language, operating system and the domain name of the web site from which you have arrived at our site, the date and time of your visit and the search query you used to reach the site.

Any search query information collected by us is maintained by Pulsar Communications Limited on an aggregated basis for the purposes of generating statistics about how visitors use our service and will not be used to match search query information with the identity of users. This information allows us to improve our service. We monitor search terms used, but not which terms a specific visitor uses.

We may occasionally contact visitors who submit their email address as and when we use this functionality. However, we will always offer the ability to unsubscribe from future emails by using a link to unsubscribe from our list.

Some of our partners who provide or enable any technical functionality on our site may also collect similar information from you. Pulsar Communications Limited are not responsible for the privacy policies of these external partners. In addition, any websites that you click to from a link on our site are developed by external parties completely beyond our control. These sites may send cookies to users and collect data or personally identifiable information from you. Pulsar Communications Limited are not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of such web sites, including use of any information collected when users click through to these sites. Even though this information may not personally identify you, we strongly recommend that you become familiar with these privacy policies.

We may occasionally use customer information for uses not previously disclosed or anticipated in our privacy notice. If our information practices are modified at any time we will post the changes to our on-site policies to notify users of the changes and offer the ability to opt-out of the new uses. If users are worried about how your information is used, you should monitor our website regularly.