Every client is unique, and so is our approach.

Working together we develop strong, strategically-led, scientifically grounded, creative digital solutions to build your brand and tell your story effectively.


Experts in strategic idea generation

Simply put, ideation is the action of formulating ideas. With our can-do approach we take a brief, and from conception to real-world application and implementation, we provide solutions that work…

At Pulsar, nothing is taken at face value. We research, challenge and ask questions so that we can develop the right solutions with you.

Whether organising and facilitating medical or strategic advisory boards, insight gathering or supporting brand positioning and persona identification, or designing key messaging workshops across multiple markets, Pulsar will rise to the challenge with fresh thinking and enthusiasm.

We support brands at all stages of their lifecycle and cleverly use your heritage to help shape a positive future.


Experts in crafting the campaign

Turning the big idea into something inspiring and engaging helps tell your story and provides maximum market potential for your brand.

Clever crafting provides thought provoking-marketing campaigns and brings to life creatives uniquely tailored to the personas of your customer base.

We blend traditional disciplines such as illustration, design and branding with an omni-channel approach to craft an execution that influences what your customers feel and experience.

Understanding the channels and assets that your customers favour informs the need for both traditional and innovative channels. A fully omni-channel campaign will engage everyone from old school traditionalists, to modern millennial thinkers, and capture all personas from those who favour data to those who thrive off relationships.


Experts in medical education

Detailed exploration of disease areas, audience segmentation and key message identification informs the baseline from which our strategic plans are developed.

Our insight-driven approach enables us to identify deep-rooted behaviours and understand the way people think and why. Through digital and traditional behaviour change interventions, we challenge the status quo and help to shift mindsets.

Whether we are designing medical education programmes or KOL peer-to-peer campaigns, we create compelling and engaging narratives that resonate with audiences both rationally and emotionally.


Experts in working with patients, for patients

A person’s engagement in their own healthcare contributes to improved outcomes for their overall health and wellbeing.

At Pulsar, we produce effective engagement strategies linked to behavioural change that will help transform a patient’s life.

Be it a chronic condition or a rare disease, we develop robust insight-driven strategies. We combine creative flair with communication expertise, reaching out to patients through kinaesthetic, auditory and visual learning styles.

Whatever we develop, from patient support platforms to disease awareness websites, onboarding brochures to shared decision-making materials, we always endeavour to make positive change.


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